Hey, everyone. Steve Beneath here. Just wanted to welcome y'all to the new site! Finally, we have re-launched TheGroundBeneath.com! I know things probably feel a little bit nuts right now, but take a breath, take your vitamin c and be patient. Things are going to start going back to normal, I think, in a week or two. Meanwhile, Seth, Jess and I have been working on new songs during this time. We have FIVE new songs that are being polished right now with at least five more in the pipeline. We expect to be jumping into a recording studio sometime between August and November of this year. We are just about done with the writing process of what will be tgb IV. We will have at least three new songs on the setlist for you guys at the June 6 show at the Sunshine Theater for my birthday! I will post again when we have tickets in hand... it's gonna be a great night so let's sell it out! -- s