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The Ground Beneath: News

July 29 Dallas Schedule - July 18, 2006

2:00 PM Pistola
3:00 PM Given to the Ground
3:45 PM Macava
4:45 PM Venom Whiskey
5:45 PM Warcries
6:45 PM Natural Reaction
8:00 PM Hatchetwork
9:00 PM The Ground Beneath
10:00 PM Black Martet Halos
11:00 PM Razr 13
12:00 AM Legends of the South

2 TWOur Kickoff Shows! - July 2, 2006

Ok here's the setup! Saturday July 22 is the two year anniversary of our first show together as a band! We have an ALL AGES show at The Cell and its also a last chance for us to say goodbye to all our under 21 friends so DONT MISS IT! Also Tuesday July 25 is our 21+ TWOur Kickoff Show (we are leaving about 40 hrs after that) and its our last chance to throw back a cold one w/you all before we split! SEE YA THEN! -- S

Tour KickOff Show - June 26, 2006

Don't miss it! July 22 at the Cell and its ALL AGES! This is the last show we play before heading out on our Southern TWOur. -- S

New URL for "Krigh" Video - June 26, 2006

Two Huge Show Announcements - June 4, 2006

Ok we got Steve's Birthday Party comin up this Saturday, June 10, and this is gonna be the best ALL AGES show we have for a while so dont miss it! Also we just added a show w/our big brothers STOIC FRAME! It's at Ralli's and its 21+ and it's a rare oppurtunity to see these LA, CA, legends so up close and personal! See ya soon! -- S


Ok so we have pics all the way up to yesterday's show now in the photo section (including some good action sequences from the April 20th show w/Stoic Frame in Santa Fe) as well as updated journal entries (go to the bottom of the Calendar page).

New URL for "Krigh" Video - May 19, 2006

May 20 Schedule - May 19, 2006

Launchpad 9th Birthday Party Schedule

Doors open 2:00

Torture Victim 3:10 3:25
Simfonik Plague 3:35 3:50
Suspended 4:00 4:15
The Bayonet 4:25 4:40
Hit By A Bus 4:50 5:05
Someday 5:25 5:40
Beef Ramp 6:15 6:30
Rod Shot Band 6:40 6:55
The Bellmont 7:05 7:20
The Ground Beneath 7:30 7:45
Brave New World 7:55 8:10
Weapons MD 8:20 8:35
The Roxiehearts 8:45 9:00
Shine Cherries 9:10 9:25
The Gracchi 9:35 9:50
The Giranimals 10:00 10:15
The Mindy Set 10:25 10:40
Caustic Lye 10:50 11:05
Unit 7 Drain 11:15 11:30
Feels Like Sunday 11:40 11:55
Anesthesia 12:05 12:20
The Dirty Novels 12:30 12:45
Icky & The Yuks 12:55 1:10

May 20 Correction - May 17, 2006

ok just kidding....heres the real story....the show starts at 3pm w/torture victim....we play shortly after 6 and we're the 3rd band after it becomes a 21+ show... so we'll actually play between 6 & 7 pm cuz sets are only 15 mins ....s

May 20 - May 17, 2006

Im now told that the show starts at 3pm and we are playin 3rd and sets are only 15 mins come early! -- S

New URL for "Krigh" Video - May 17, 2006

To the Mafia - April 30, 2006

A huge fat thanks to those of you who came to see us at Spring Crawl last night! That was the best show we've ever played and we couldnta dunnit w/out yas. That was the best crawl i've ever been too and it was thanks to all of you. You're all mafia in my book. S

Crawl w/TGB - April 23, 2006

The Ground Beneath is playing Spring Crawl this Saturday at The El Rey Theater in Albuquerque on 7th & Central. Purchase tickets in advance and theyre $5 cheaper. Heres the link -- ....also we are playin a warm up show for the crawl that is all ages at the Cell Theatre on Thurs! -- S

GO SEE THE KRIGH VIDEO! - April 19, 2006

"Krigh" video world priemere! - April 17, 2006

so if you go to you can watch the "Krigh" video done by Mykey Garcia! we will have the exact link up shortly but for now youre just gonna have to search for The Ground Beneath on ....dont worry it comes right up! and theres some other vids for ya on that site when your search results come up! also dont forget to come out and see us play an all ages show w/our Big Brothers in Stoic Frame in Santa Fe on Thurs! the next nite fri the 21st we will be on Cable Channel 27 in Abq to priemere the vid and talk w/our Big Brothers! and dont miss the Zone show on sat! -- S

Tonight -- TGB TV! - April 7, 2006

thats right folks....w/just four hours advance notice we will be on the screen this evening at 9pm on Albuquerque Cable Channel 27 for Mike Trujillo's Zero Hour w/our good friend Beto and some of the others playin the show tomorrow....someone record it! s

TGB TV? DALLAS? BIRTHDAYS and an ANNIVERSARY too! - April 3, 2006

holy crap! we just went from 8 dates to 14 today! so weve got some big shows comin up fo sho! the biggest news i spose is the Dallas, TX show we just confirmed a few hours ago! its July 29 and we are gonna start bookin a southern tour around that in the coming weeks...also TGB on TV on fri 4.21.06 on Channel 27 on the beloved Zero Hour w/Mike Trujillo....not only will this be a live interview but also the world priemere of the "Krigh" video which we hope to finish later tonite....also my bday and our two year anniversary show are gonna be sic! and ALL AGES! whew! a coupla more comin in in the next few days! STAY TUNED! s

This Weekend - April 1, 2006

Well we may not be playin any shows til the 8th but we're definitely stayin busy....we are finishing a video for "Krigh" today and hopefully finishing a new song next week....also go tonite to The Lobo Theater for Old Man Shattered and The Launchpad tomorrow for Suspended and Torture Victim cuz i know we are. -- S

24th & 26th at the Launch - March 22, 2006

Dont miss either of our shows this weekend! There's a big surprise at both of them!

Tomorrow - March 19, 2006

make sure you all come out and support tomorrow's show! its the band formerly called Fully Loaded (now Warner Drive) who we played w/last July from Hollywood! they tore it up last year on the Warped Tour and these guys are not to be missed! they are on the road and need your support so make it to Central and Carlisle tomorrow!

The Betrayal of a Friend music video -- new link - March 10, 2006

Best of Burque - March 2, 2006

hey familia worldwide --

dont forget to vote The Ground Beneath for best band on for the Best of Burque contest this week. hurry! do it now! and dont forget we have an all ages battle of the bands this sat in rio rancho too. hope to see you all. thanks for the support. if you havent seen the video for The Betrayal of a Friend you are seriously slacking. has everything you need. s

The Betrayal of a Friend Video - February 24, 2006

TGB Radio - February 23, 2006

this fri 2.24.06 on 104.7 the Edge in Albuquerque and surrounding areas, The Ground Beneath will be played for the first time on a Clear Channel station. This will be between 8 & 830am and we are really gonna need all of our TGB Mafia calling in on this one. If we get a good response we could be put into regular rotation. The number there is Studio: 505-338-EDGE (505-338-3343) We'd like to thank our good friends at The Edge for making this happen as well as Zakk from Brave New World. steve ps dont forget we have two killer shows this coming weekend!

Shows This Weekend! - February 21, 2006

Go hear the radio add on our MySpace for this Sun! Both shows this coming weekend are all ages so we'll see ya there! -- S
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