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The Ground Beneath: Calendar

Jun 3, 2006 The Golden West albuquerque nm USA

not a bad night at all ...our good buds torture victim were jammin next door winnin emergenza and so all that crowd came to watch us -- S

May 28, 2006 Ralli's albuquerque nm USA

Actually this night was kind of disorganized cuz no one knew the right order so at first we all had to cut our sets and we ended up goin first but then one of the out of town bands didnt show so we ended up playin two sets. And we played pretty good and did our new one "Almost Loyal" the best we've done it yet. -- S

May 23, 2006 The Compound Albuquerque nm usa

a decent was hot and a bit unorganized and there was no air conditioning in there...overall a fun night and theres nothin like a fan jumping on stage and singing "Want" was good to kick it w/Irate and Grain too those guys are bad...hadnt seen Requiem Mass in a while either -- S

May 20, 2006 The Launchpad albuquerque nm USA

another fun show w/small crowd but big energy....we played in the middle of 24 bands -- S

May 18, 2006 The Compound albuquerque nm USA

a really fun night actually....the crowd really had good energy and then so did we....a fun night for sure...hotter than all hell in there though! -- S

May 6, 2006 Graham Central Station albuquerque nm USA

we played good but again....the crowd was asleep! oh well the next few shows should be rowdy -- S

May 5, 2006 The Golden West Albuquerque New Mexi USA

not a bad night...i think the crowd was asleep! we played good though and as usual we had fans thru the window! -- S

May 4, 2006 Joker's Pub albuquerque nm usa

a fun show! good warm up for the next two! Lower Than Dirt tore it up as always! also we made some new friends in a band called the Wastrels from San Diego -- S

Apr 29, 2006 The El Rey Theater albuquerque nm USA

THIS WAS INSANE! It was the best show we ever played! The crowd was all over the place! The El Rey was pretty full and Im a happy man! Ill be riding the wave of this show for a long time. Thanks to everyone who came out and pushed themselves up to the front of the stage. You all are amazing. We have the best fans in the world. -- S

Apr 27, 2006 The Cell Theatre albuquerque nm USA

i dont think we played that well but it was a fun night overall and the most people ive ever seen at the cell -- S

Apr 22, 2006 The Zone Albuquerque New Mexi USA

This was a really good day. We play well despite the wind and stuff falling over and all the haireating on stage. after the show i got to go meet Kittie at the Sunshine and then go see Stoic Frame play in Belen. so thats a pretty full day -- S

Apr 21, 2006 Channel 27 albuquerque nm USA

this was fun as always...the best out of the 3 times we've been on zero hour i think. then we went and saw Stoic Frame tear it up at the Launchpad immediately after so you cant argue w/that -- S

Apr 20, 2006 Santa Fe Brewing Co. Santa Fe NM USA

this was a good night...i felt like we didnt play that well but we got to see our big brothers again after 7 weeks apart and we met the mighty Aztlan Underground and they tore it up man! -- S

Apr 18, 2006 The Launchpad albuquerque nm USA

this was actually a pretty fun was basically our practice for the next few shows....there was actually a good turnout too and we didnt have a written set list we just called out the next song to each other -- S

Apr 15, 2006 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

This was the awesome show that i needed under my belt for the week! The crowd was great and i think we played really well and made a lot of new friends. Definitely one of the highlights for me was the crowd of under agers outside of the window behind us watching the show just as much as the crowd in front of us -- S

Apr 14, 2006 Rall's Albuquerque NM USA

well my side of the stage was a complete disaster! i had crap goin outta tune and everything! mykey and roman did well -- S

Apr 11, 2006 Ralli's albuquerque nm USA

we were all kind of under the weather for this one....a fun night but i wish we woulda felt better -- S

Apr 8, 2006 The Launchpad Albuquerque NM USA

probably one of the funnest nights of all time....everyone got super trashed and everyone played really good and sounded and brian from torture victim were bumming shots til like 2...also on "Want" we got like half the room on the stage...good times -- S

Apr 7, 2006 Channel 27 albuquerque nm USA

really fun stuff....we met up w/beto at the launchpad and had some jager and beers and then headed over to the tv studio for the broadcast and by the time we got on tv we were pretty toasted...good times... s

Mar 26, 2006 The Launchpad Albuquerque nm usa

This is the best we've played in 2006 up to this point....a great set, a great crowd and a great show altogether....people were singing the words to almost ever song and there was a huge mosh pit on "Want" and i smashed up a cheap guitar at the end -- S

Mar 24, 2006 The Launchpad Albuquerque nm usa

this was a really fun night...our set was rushed as was the whole night but oh cant win em all...the triumph of the night was seein Kris back w/Requiem Mass...hes such a phenominal player -- S

Mar 20, 2006 Harlowe's on the Hill Albuquerque nm usa

a good time had by all....its always good to see our buds in warner drive....i wish we woulda had more time to hang out w/them but oh time for sure...this place was tiny and we blew the doors off it for sure -- S

Mar 18, 2006 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

a pretty good show over all. good crowd....lotsa new comers i think cuz i didnt recognize a lotta people there...always good to play w/our brothers in lower than dirt...debut of my new Dean Dimebag Darrell guitar...pretty fun night over all -- S

Mar 8, 2006 Rall's Albuquerque NM USA

really good set! Ralli's renovated since we'd been here last and they had a new stage built and everything! we all 3 talked about beforehand the fact that we had to break the ralli's curse....meaning weve never really had a solid good show there...and we did....i ended "Want" which ended the set by screaming "the trend is dead" from Sandblasted Skin by Pantera....we felt pretty victorious what can i say -- S

Mar 4, 2006 Sabana Grande Recreational Center Rio Rancho nm usa

only got to play four songs as was the billing for each band...had a good time w/our friends in natural reaction....good set overall....good crowd response in a town we hardly ever visit -- S

Feb 26, 2006 The Launchpad Albuquerque nm usa

there was way too much drama and egos this night but it still didnt get in the way of us having a really good set....i felt really tight on this one....good crowd too -- S

Feb 25, 2006 The Harwood Albuquerque nm usa

this was a really fun night...first time ive ever seen lighters (and cell phones) on Unkept...i couldnt really hear real well on stage but it was still a good show i think -- S

Feb 18, 2006 The Launchpad Albuquerque nm usa

this was a real fun night and had one of the ultimate all star jams of all dad on guitar and vocals and Keith Sanchez from Stoic Frame on vocals for "Comfortably Numb" was a highlight for sure....Buddah jumped up for "Stop" and we played pretty well w/cough drops and tea after a long but fun week -- S

Feb 17, 2006 Harla May's Belen nm usa

this was a great night! actually i was impressed that mykey played the show at all....he was sicker than ive ever seen was still a great night....Keith Sanchez from Stoic Frame sang on "Comfortably Numb" and Buddah Glenavidez from Stoic sang on "Stop" and Chan and Mimo from Suspended got up for "Want" so it was a lot of fun and i still lost my voice....for Stoic's set i got to get and do "Fairies Wear Boots" which was dedicated to Beto from The Launchpad who had fed us at his house in Los Lunas just a few hours earlier....a great night overall but poor the end of Want he dropped his bass on the stage and went and threw up....he was all messed up from the night before in Santa Fe w/Stoic -- S

Feb 3, 2006 The District Bar & Grill Albuquerque nm usa

wow man what a great show this was....adam from lower than dirt was so trashed...he was standing in front of me the whole time and he got all pumped on "Want" and crashed into my mic stand which crashed into and played my guitar for a bit....good times -- S

Jan 27, 2006 Ralli's Albuquerque nm usa

not too too bad....still not up to par in my book...not nearly as bad as the last time we played there...Aaron and Jake from Anesthesia jumped on stage along w/Jesse from Old Man Shattered for a blues jam that we all sang on....good times....also the new song "Mine" we tried for the first time and floored everybody...those were the highlights -- S

Jan 21, 2006 the El Rey Theater Albuquerque nm usa

we partied like it was 1699 the night before (after Belen) so on this day i woke up at 6pm and had subway for breakfast and went and played the show and went directly home....all three of us were hurting from just too much partying....we played an awesome show though and my parents made it out too....first time ever in the el rey and it was really fun -- S

Jan 20, 2006 Harla May's Belen nm usa

our return to glory! w/the worst show so far behind us we killed em all at this one! holy smokes....two songs into our set and i was thinking "we are back!" ....good crowd in Belen this place that Harla Mays -- S

Jan 19, 2006 Ralli's Albuquerque nm usa

this was a RUFF night i thought....everyone else seemed to really enjoy least favorite show of jan 2006 for sure....the highlight for me was when Aaron from Anesthesia jumped on stage and grabbed the bass for a blues jam at the end which Mykey sang on....also Daniel of Desolate (who had to cancel) jumped on bass and vocals and we did NIB by Sabbath....that was bad too -- S

Jan 14, 2006 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

not a bad show at all....a confidence booster w/our new drummer and it being his second show and all...good crowd -- S

Jan 8, 2006 The Launchpad Albuquerque NM USA

Roman's first show. what can i say. awesome stuff man....after party was smokin too...we were up til like 830am and then when i woke up at 5pm on mon 1.9.06 i couldnt find my shoes. so i was emailing everyone to check their backpacks and stuff...then i opened up the freezer and found one....the other one was in mykey's shower -- S

Dec 31, 2005 The Launchpad Albuquerque NM USA

lotsa PA like to remember the after party more than the show unfortunately -- S

Dec 30, 2005 Burt's Tiki Lounge Albuquerque nm usa

the most memorable thing about this night was that Buddah from Stoic Frame was in town to see family for the holidays and he jumped on stage for "Stop" ....i think it was the first time Buddah saw us w/out it being a Stoic event....pretty cool stuff -- S

Dec 23, 2005 The Launchpad Albuquerque nm usa

certainly one of the best nights of my life ever....we owned it! the launch was ours and everyone knew it! ive never been so honored in all my life to see a packed house pretty much the whole night w/people singing lyrics to songs we hadnt even released yet....everyone was buying us drinks while we were on stage and i decided to start slamming em during unkept so by the time we got to the end of the set we were pretty sloshed.....we played our whole album in order and then did a couple more...brian from torture victim and roman got up for vocals on "Want" and brian was in a size small anesthesia shirt...hilarious... -- S

Dec 5, 2005 Burt's Tiki Lounge Albuquerque nm usa

this is the show where our soon to be new drummer was headbanging to our old one right in front of us...a really good night and a really good energy....i thought roman always played guitar for some reason -- S

Dec 2, 2005 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

this was a really good show...nothing too memorable....mykey and i were real stressed around this time cuz we knew we had a ticking clock on finding a new drummer -- S

Nov 12, 2005 The Launchpad Albuquerque nm usa

like i always say -- when we play w/stoic at the launchpad it is truly the super bowl of rock in abq....nothing compares to when we share the stage w/our big brothers at the legendary launch...i look forward to that nite for months at a time several times a year....this was no exception....all four of them were right up against the stage in front of me most of the about nervous...lovin it though -- S

Nov 11, 2005 Harla May's Belen nm usa

This was our first time playing Harla May's which is a really really cool used to be a movie theater and they still have the screen even though its a full restaraunt and bar now....we used the screen for our was seen stoic play there in sept so we kinda knew the night for sure....Keith from Stoic got up and did vocals w/me on Comfortably about cool stuff man...hes one of my heroes for sure...before the show we were at Buddah's parents' house in Belen having dinner and just relaxing for a change -- S

Nov 10, 2005 94 Rock Albuquerque nm usa

Stoic rolled up to The House Beneath straight from la, ca about 6am and crashed for a few hours then we all went to 94 rock and they played "Demons from the Pavement" and "Sifting Through the Vine" mom recorded it at home and it was great -- S

Nov 5, 2005 Ralli's Albuquerque nm usa

21+ although we billed it as all ages by mistake...the club didnt like that too much...theyve obviously forgiven us since...i couldnt hear outta my left ear for like two days after this show cuz i played on the floor and my amp at eye level behind me and to my left on stage...mykey kicked over water on my pedal board during "Stop" ...thats always exciting -- S

Oct 28, 2005 The Cell Theater Albuquerque nm usa

this was a great show...i showed up late cuz i had my dad's bday dinner shortly before....backstage was crackin! torture victim went all out w/costumes and were painting each other and it was hilarious! this is when we really started becoming friends i think -- S

Oct 24, 2005 The Launchpad Albuquerque nm usa

we did three shows w/torture victim in six days and this was the one in the midddle....i got really hammered before going on stage cuz it was like wtf its a monday nite ya know? everyone was buyin me jager and stuff....and then my entire guitar rig went out in sound check and i didnt know it was several bum cables so i just plugged direct into mandy from suspended's boogie half stack and had no pedals for the whole was ruff and i was night nontheless -- S

Oct 22, 2005 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

ah yes the second show of the day....not the first time we pulled something like this....the zone was def the funner one...jake from anesthesia followed us there from seeing us earlier in the day -- S

Oct 22, 2005 The Zone Albuquerque nm usa

this was a really good day....good outdoors show nice weather and all....good food good friends and all that jazz....mosh pit in the parking lot too while we played! -- S

Oct 8, 2005 The Launchpad Albuquerque nm usa

This was an awesome show....i was flirting w/disaster though cuz i was having gear problems at the last min but so was sincerely so we were switching out each other's gear cuz we have the same boogie so at least i was standing out like a sore thumb....great show....great bunch of bands to be on a cd w/ -- S

Sep 30, 2005 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

this was actually a pretty crappy night....this is the night the pic in our cd book was shot but man it was like pulling teeth...our original drummer was giving me such a hard time about taking pictures that i knew this lineup would be ending soon....we had a crappy show because of his attitude and its not really one of my favorite nights -- S

Sep 17, 2005 The Launchpad Albuquerque nm usa

this was probably one of the best shows we ever of the only ones i dont have a recording of too (of course) ...i almost got to see my big brother Todd "God" Sanchez kill the parking lot dude out back of the Launch....thats good times right there...the cops ruled in our favor too -- S

Sep 15, 2005 Outlaws Grants nm usa

this was a good one...a little rusty....both bands hadnt played live since extensive stays in the studio....i remember driving all the way home w/Keith in the Jeep Beneath and filling him in on all the Marty Chavez crap going on....when we got home we all got pretty hammered and Keith played us some songs...awesome stuff -- S

Sep 6, 2005 Burt's Tiki Lounge Albuquerque nm usa

this was actually a really good night...Red Metric is bad if you havent checked those guys out you need to...we had our new instruments since 3 of ours got stolen the night before....i had just picked em up a few hours before this show and this was our one chance to try em live before making our record that coming weekend....good show for sure....i think i caught some cold bug from the singer of Red Metric though and that kind of limited my vocal abilities in the studio that weekend -- S

Sep 3, 2005 The Launchpad Albuquerque nm usa

this was a really good night...unfortunately my original Explorer guitar and two of Mykey's 3 basses would be stolen the next night...still an awesome show though -- S

Aug 27, 2005 The Zone Albuquerque nm usa

this was a good show but we got bumped to a later slot which we didnt want cuz we had a show at 6pm too so it was really stressful but a good in the end -- S

Aug 27, 2005 The Launchpad Albuquerque nm usa

this was really hectic cuz we got there to the venue like 10 mins before our set started cuz of our previous show and barely pulled it off on time...i remember my good friend David Eiffert from Old Man Shattered really helped us get our stuff on stage -- S

Aug 24, 2005 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

Mykey's cousin had a band for a few weeks and they got a show at The Golden West but they didnt have enough material to fill a 45 min set so me and Mykey went and did "Lost in Hollywood" by System of a Down and "Vermillion Pt. 2" by Slipknot...and it was unplugged! nice little breakaway from the norm for us....we had gone to Ozzfest the day before so we were sunburned to a crisp...i know i have still pictures and a video and audio recording of this too -- S

Aug 21, 2005 The Launchpad Albuquerque nm usa

this was a really good night...i remember it being the last all ages show before a lot of our friends like my brother left for college -- S

Aug 20, 2005 Atomic Cantina Albuquerque nm usa

this was a really good show....probably the best one weve ever played at Atomic Cantina....this was the first time we ever played Krigh -- S

Aug 6, 2005 YMCA Bonfire Albuquerque nm usa

this was a pretty good night....we played w/a huge fire behind our crowd so that was was at a fire station and it kind of reminded me of the fair cuz they had all kinds of radio stations and food vendors out there -- S

Jul 29, 2005 Mariposa Park Albuquerque nm usa

this was another City of Abq show hooked up by Mykey's uncle....not a bad show at all...just another one of those two show days that are pretty hectic -- S

Jul 29, 2005 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

this was another one of those two show days that are worth it but very exhausting....good show though

Jul 23, 2005 The Mesa Inn Belen nm usa

made a name for ourselves in Belen, NM for sure this nite....this was like Stoic's first venue ever and this was the last nite it was open so it was a momentous occasion for all -- S

Jul 22, 2005 The Cell Theater Albuquerque nm usa

the only thing i didnt like about this show was that Stoic Frame was playing at the Launchpad that nite and i booked this before i knew that so we shouldve been there....other than that it was really dad jumped up on guitar for "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd and Stoic was rumored to come thru and do a coupla songs on our fact the owner of The Cell was like "is stoic coming?" all night and then when we finished the show Keith from Stoic was outside cuz he needed my amp and he was like "i was trying to come in but the owner kept chasing me off cuz i didnt pay!"....jeez -- S

Jul 21, 2005 Outlaws Grants nm usa

this was our first time in Grants and it was really fun...i remeber driving all the way back to abq w/Buddah in the brand new Jeep Beneath and we were just jammin and partyin two dudes in one packed out gear pile -- S

Jul 20, 2005 Ned's Downtown Albuquerque nm usa

another great open blues jam w/Stoic...i did the Sabbath tune again

Jul 18, 2005 The Launchpad Albuquerque nm usa

this show was w/a band called Fully Loaded from la, ca (now called Warner Drive) and they had just come off the Warped Tour in Denver so it was cool for us and Old Man Shattered to play w/them -- S

Jul 12, 2005 Stella Blue Albuquerque nm usa

this was a Jarret and the Cornerstones show that i got to get up on stage for...i sang Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix w/them and i have an audio recording of hammered on it you can tell -- S

Jul 2, 2005 Balloon Fiesta Park Albuquerque nm usa

this was actually one of my favorite shows ever....this was another City of Abq show that Mykey's uncle hooked up...i remember i smashed a guitar at the end and hit some kid in the eye and then i had to sign all kinds of release papers even though he was fine....hes actually a huge TGB fan now! -- S

Jun 25, 2005 The Launchpad Albuquerque nm usa

This was the show that finally all four members of Stoic saw our whole set and really appreciated TGB for the first time....i remember my dad was there and Tetelestai was there too and i think they hadnt really seen us live either...Tetelestai was playing next door at the Golden West so me and Buddah went over there eventually -- S

Jun 23, 2005 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

i dont really recall anything in particular about this show except that Matias from Stoic called me from Grants, NM and said the place they just played we were gonna play w/them in four weeks -- S

Jun 22, 2005 Ned's Downtown Albuquerque nm usa

this is a great thing that stoic sometimes has time to do on a wed nite of their nm tour blues jam...i got to sing "Fairies Wear Boots" by Black Sabbath w/them...its like fronting one of your favorite bands -- S

Jun 11, 2005 The Zone Albuquerque nm usa

this was a good was sandwiched between waking up from my bday party the night before and seeing some family off who had come in town for my brother's graduation -- S

Jun 10, 2005 The Cell Theater Albuquerque nm usa

great show on my bday brother sat in on harmonica and we did some pearl jam and temple of the dog -- S

Jun 9, 2005 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

what can i say...i like to take time off work for my bday and if im in town i like to play shows....this was a fun night and a great way to start an awesome weekend -- S

Jun 4, 2005 BBQ Smokehouse Rio Rancho nm usa

this was a real fun night w/Requiem Mass...i remember my stuff crapping out so i had to use Kris's amp and i didnt even really figure his stuff out til like our last song and we caught fire to an extension cable but it was all good....i remember going back to Requiem's house and partying too -- S

Jun 3, 2005 Burt's Tiki Lounge Albuquerque nm usa

i actually dont really recall anything about this show...must not have been that bad! -- S

May 27, 2005 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

i actually dont really remember this show but i guess that means things go too terribly wrong! -- S

May 20, 2005 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

this was a really fun night cuz i had a wedding i was in the next day and so that whole wedding party was there and my dad jumped up w/us on Comfortably Numb for Carter -- S

May 7, 2005 The Zone Albuquerque nm usa

this was actually a really ruff show w/a lot of gear crapouts -- S

May 7, 2005 Atomic Cantina Albuquerque nm usa

i dont really recall anything about this show except that we had a rough one earlier in the day and we killed em all at this one so it actually really brightened our day -- S

Apr 29, 2005 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

dont really remember this one....couldnt have been that bad! -- S

Apr 23, 2005 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

this was only the second crawl id ever played -- S

Apr 3, 2005 The Launchpad Albuquerque nm usa

i remember this was a great of my favorites ever....this was the first show that the Launchpad gave us to be ours to do w/what we like...and we tore it was like our homecoming show from Denver too -- S

Apr 1, 2005 Whiskey Bill's Lakewood co usa

this was a great roadtrip that proved we got along on the road together even in the most stressful situations. the border between nm and co was closed due to an avalanche so a six hour drive turned into ten hours. we came w/n 20 mins of utah on our little detour. by the time we came thru the worst of the snowy colorado rockies it was straigt up 9pm and like 40 degrees....scary stuff...we landed safely in ballsburg where the snow was shoveled almost as high as our van on the sides of the roads....we stopped at seven eleven to kiss the ground and immediately were greeted by hot female locals....we told em we were a touring band...the reaction we got insured we had to this again soon -- S

Mar 26, 2005 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

i dont really remember much about this show so it couldnt have been a complete disaster -- S

Mar 26, 2005 Grandma's Music and Sound Albuquerque nm usa

i won -- S

Mar 25, 2005 Channel 27 Albuquerque nm usa

this was us on TV getting interviewed....i was really nervous and they put us on after a Motorhead video....i mean come on...we have this taped -- S

Mar 5, 2005 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

good show indeed...nice ending w/me pieing mykey in the face after we ended w/"Stop" ...pie provided by my brother...dont worry everyone got me back later -- S

Feb 19, 2005 The Launchpad Albuquerque nm usa

this was the first day i met Stoic Frame...they were filming their video for "Demons from the Pavement" from the album "Justicia" which would dominate the #1 spot on MTV espanol for much of the following summer....we were opening for them and us two bands hit it off so good that we are in the video several times and we've played just about every nm show theyve played we're brothers -- S

Feb 17, 2005 The Compound Albuquerque nm usa

this was an interesting show....ruff ruff stuff but we played good....we had two funerals in the family in the four days before this show -- S

Jan 31, 2005 Burt's Tiki Lounge Albuquerque nm usa

i remember thinking on the last night of our busiest month yet that we were at such a high point and nothing could stop us now....we had a great show too....unfortunately by the next time we would hit the stage we would have two deaths in the family -- S

Jan 29, 2005 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

i dont remember anything in particular about this night but i do remember when the golden west would tell us later in 2005 that bands only get to play there once a month and i remember thinking "hey you had us 3 nights in jan!" -- S

Jan 12, 2005 The Launchpad Albuquerque nm usa

this was a hard show cuz my throat was cashed from doing two nights the weekend before w/a cold...i remember astray played this one w/us -- S

Jan 8, 2005 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

this was a great show....two nights in a row at the same venue and we were booking a lot for that month...i remember thinking that things were starting to pick up speed for us....mykey's uncle Oscar Lazoya the world famous photographer shot us that night -- S

Jan 7, 2005 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

this was our first show in 2005 and we definitely opened w/a bang! great show and we booked for the following night and left our gear set up -- S

Dec 18, 2004 The Golden West Albuquerque nm usa

this was our last show for 2004....we had played four shows in 9 days which was a lot for us back then considering we had only had one show the month before....a great show for sure -- S

Dec 14, 2004 Burt's Tiki Lounge Albuquerque nm usa

this was a good show considering i cut the crap out of my middle finger on my left hand right before the show....i remember dedicating "Flounder Piano" to Dimebag -- S

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